First of all you have to understand that hydrogel eye patches are not a  pure  magic , ok? There is no magical product in the world that will transform your skin within one time use. Everything needs time, e v e r y t h i n g ! 

Use them every day , one time per day , for 20 minutes. You want a tip ? Place the sachet of eye patches in the fridge one hour before. Me, I keep them in fridge all the time. It helps you tone your skin. 

Now, my company YEAUTY in Greece, has many many many different eye patches with different ingredience , colors and shapes available all over Greece. 

To find which one is suitable for you and your under eye skin,  I made this cute little presentation with description. READ. CHOOSE. BUY. SHINE. 

I hope this information helped you to find your perfect match eye patch!  Write me in comments if would like to know anything else about YEAUTY. XO

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